Can I Avoid Disaster?

I remember where I was and who I was at 23. I read the passionate plea from Sarah and know that this is not something that needs to be ignored. As a member of The Sisterwives, this is what we hope for. Not the pain..the reaching out. It is never an easy thing to do but when someone does, like Sarah, we don’t ignore it. We send in the troops and today the troops are led by Michelle whose emotional words of wisdom are honest and, with hope, heard loud and clear.

The SisterWives

It is too easy to get caught up in the process, sometimes, of what we do. We forget why we started in the first place. This letter, from Sarah, arrived for us one day, and we all wondered what we might have to say to someone who was so earnestly seeking advice.

Quite a bit, it turns out. Today, we will hear from Michelle, who wrapped her arms around it in the way that only she can.

Thanks, Sarah.For reminding us.


I’m Sarah. I’m 23. And I was wondering if you could help me answer a few questions.

Some background: I’m working on recovering from the frighteningly non-unique mess that is childhood sexual abuse followed by self harm. And I want to be beautiful, and strong, and kind. But stereotypically, early to mid 20 something’s are kind of the opposite of all of those things. I don’t want to suck…

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