On the Blog Road: Original Bunker Punks

On the quiet morning I sat at my desk working and he entered my thoughts with dogged determination, I stopped what I was doing and started a search. My first stop (isn’t it always these days?) was Facebook and I found nothing. So I dug a little deeper, a special skill I have, and I found a list of men with his name and picked the one with the correct birth date. There was only one problem.

Today, the rest of the story is being told at Original Bunker Punks. I’d love to see you there.

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I Am Fine

It’s always nice to be asked to write for someone else. It is especially flattering when the person asking happens to be one of the most incredible people you know. HastyWords is a talented writer and poet, having such a gift with words. It is my absolute pleasure to be a guest on her blog today.

If you’re the least bit curious, and you know you are, you should click below on the age old question to read my thoughts on the ever popular answer.

How are you?

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Photo Credit: Ryan McGuire/gratisography.com