When Our Children Want To Make a Difference

There will be no prizes at the door. The only thing you will find me peddling here, aside from words, are products I make and sell myself for charity donation and other things that are sold to us so we can, in the words of my good friend Lizzi, buy the world better.

This is a direct quote from my About page. And I meant it, but I have always reserved the right to promote the hell out of anything that makes a difference in someone’s life.

This is one of those times.

In July of 2013, when my daughter was only ten years old, she was incredibly sensitive to a story about a young girl who lived in our area who, just a few years older than Nikki,  had several different types of cancer. She was an incredibly brave and her personality was forever upbeat and positive as she shared her life with the world. I know she changed lives before she left this broken world for good.

This young girl was very involved in a local charity in our town and Nikki decided she wanted to volunteer. She wanted to make a difference, even something as small as a smile to other kids who were battling cancer. It broke her heart when she found out she was too young.

That didn’t stop her. She asked me if I could help her make things, all kinds of things-her ideas at ten were endless-and open an Etsy shop to sell them. Then we could donate the money to the charity, BASECamp Childhood Cancer Foundation.

This would do until she was old enough to volunteer her time, energy, and heart. I admire her compassion. I am embracing her determination.

And so, NixHeart was born. It has been a sporadic journey. A young girl with ever changing ideas about style is always coming up with new things to try. I finally managed to pin her down to a choice few but chances are good there will always be new and interesting things created.

With life such as it is, we haven’t gotten to pay as much attention to NixHeart as we should. That ends today.

Today I want to share some photos and a link to NixHeart. We would love for you to visit, share, pin, tweet, and maybe, if you feel so inclined, help make a difference.

These are just a sample of what we have in the shop right now and there are more great things on the way. Proceeds from every sale will be donated quarterly to BASECamp Childhood Cancer Foundation.

You can also find us on Facebook and Twitter.

NixHeart Proceeds to Charity
Bright royal blue quartz briolettes wrapped in silver plated wire
NixHeart Proceeds to Charity
A glitter filled glass bottle with a charm that reads ‘Made With Love’. This pendant is dedicated to a wonderul friend who believes in compassion and whose heart is filled with grace and love. To her, glitter is the ultimate show of love mixed with a bit of silliness and she is a huge believer in our hope to make the world better for those in need. We are happy to custom make a bottle glitter in any color you choose that is available to us. All you have to do is ask!
NixHeart Proceeds to Charity
One in a new line of gorgeous statement pieces at NixHeart. The best part of this line is that is fun and funky yet elegant and modern at the same time. These pieces are sure to get noticed!
NixHeart Proceeds to Charity
A 30mm antique bronze metal pendant with domed glass embellishment, painted green with gold glitter.  The pendant is attached to a 24 inch large link chain making necklace length adjustment simple.
NixHeart Proceeds to Charity
Lovely moonstone briolettes wrapped in sterling silver wire and hanging from sterling silver hooks to create these elegant earrings.
NixHeart Proceeds to Charity
A one inch antique bronze pendant with domed glass embellishment, painted brown with multi color glitter.
NixHeart Proceeds to Charity
Gorgeous green onyx wrapped in sterling silver wire hung on sterling silver hooks to make this simple but stunning pair of earrings.

Sometimes peddling is worth it.

Thanks for taking the time. Nikki and I truly appreciate it!




19 thoughts on “When Our Children Want To Make a Difference”

  1. Oh that I could group hug you and your daughter at the same time. What a great kid. I don’t really have any need for jewelry, but if you message me your address, I’d love to send her a little (very little as Officer Don is broke as fuck) donation for her great cause.

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    1. It would be tough to deny her this. She is a good kid and so compassionate. She makes me want to be a better person. You have to love the glitter filled bottle named after you! How awesome is that? You have become synonymous with all things glitter!

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  2. Aw, you know I couldn’t love the concept behind NixHeart more if I tried, because it truly was indeed started for all the right reasons. Thanks for the reminder here today.


  3. Aw, what a stunning idea… you must be so proud of Nikki. Ten years old, and already such a heart for the hurting, this kiddiwink will take compassion to ‘ALL’ the levels when she’s older me thinks 🙂

    I wish her (and you) all the best with your fundraising…and volunteering when the time comes.

    Take care, Kimmie x


    1. Yes, I am very proud of Nikki. She’s got such a big heart. She will actually be 13 this summer. We started this project when she was 10 and it’s been on again, off again for a bit and while we never really stopped, we just haven’t gotten the word out as much as we’d like. We are really committing ourselves to it at this point. It’s important. I like the idea of a teenager with this kind of compassion so I’m determined to help her go as far as she would like with this. We both appreciate your well wishes very much! Thank you!


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