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Truth Is the Dare

I feel like it might be time to take it down a notch.

The last few posts I’ve written have been gut wrenching. I’ve been working through some of the emotional feedback that comes with the territory I’m in at the moment and thought to myself that maybe it was time for a little change in the menu.


Truth or dare time.

Okay….truth, which in my book is the equivalent of a dare.

I am a bit of an introvert (and I just laughed out loud because I wrote ‘a bit’). I think there are very few people who know much about me and I do mean very few.

Let’s change that.

I think I’ve opened up and bled a little on these pages but how well do you really know me? Today I am giving you a chance to do just that.

I am opening the cracked door and am going to do my best to kick back and honestly answer any questions that my readers might have. I know I always wonder things about people and would never ask without being prompted and maybe some of you feel the same.

So ask. And I will tell.



Leave your question in the comments and I will publish a post next week with the answers. Pull me out of my comfort zone and get to know me.

Ask for my truth and I will dare.

First truth: I’m terrifed.




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50 thoughts on “Truth Is the Dare”

  1. Oh Sandy! Could you hear me squeal with delight from the middle of the country?
    What a great idea! Okay, here goes – use as much or as little as you want.

    1) Paper or plastic (JK – I’m snarky this morning)
    2) What was your first job?
    3) If you do anything you want, what would that be?
    4) What is the happiest or proudest moment you remember?

    That should get you started.

    Don’t be terrified – you’re among friends xo

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  2. I honestly feel that you have earned a level of respect from me that I do not feel I should ask you anything you don’t readily share…hope that makes sense. As I’ve said in previous comments, your strength has me in awe.
    But…in the spirit of getting to know you on a silly level…pancakes or waffles?

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  3. Hi Sandy,

    I’ve missed chatting with you. Do hope you’re coping well. My question for you: A) have you checked your email lately? B) You’re still in for “the collaboration that shall not be named” right? and C) Are you going to come to the kickoff party tomorrow &/or Saturday? (check your FB event invites)

    But now seriously. The serious questions. Ahem. What was the first album you bought with your own money (and was it LP, cassette or CD?)

    What book have you read more times than any other?

    What book/movie do you wish you’d written and why?

    Do you have an item of clothing that you never wear but keep anyway? Why?

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    1. Hi yourself! I’m sorry…I’ve been a bit preoccupied but I’m slowly making my way back. Let me see…A) I’m catching up on emails today and tonight. B) Yes. Yes I am. and C) I will more than likely be able to make an appearance tomorrow night but I have football ALL DAY (yes, really!) on Saturday. I have to locate my FB event invites….

      As for the other questions, very nice and thought provoking. I’ll be interested in your reaction to the answers.


  4. I. Love. This.

    *you’ve been granted 3 teleportation wishes by a hot genie that looks remarkable like Charlie Hunnam. One of your wishes can not be “I want hot sex with the genie”. You can wish to go any geographical location, any time period, and be yourself or someone else.
    Where would you go? When? Who would you be?

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    1. That one is going to take some thought and let me just say that I want hot sex with the genie in any geographical location, in any time period, as myself. Now….got that off my chest. Let me think…..that is a great question!


  5. K, so now I’m wandering around in your blog….

    1) What would you choose for your last meal?
    2) Is there a book or author that changed your perspective on life forever?
    3) What, in your opinion, are your best and worst qualities?

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  6. Now of course I am drawing a blank, so I will instead read the answers you give to the questions posed by other commenters 🙂

    (you are a brave soul for doing this!)

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    1. I’m going to gather them all up and put them in a post next week. I’ll give it a couple of days to gather the questions together and by the look of things in the thread so far I have a little thinking to do! So if you come up with something in the next couple of days, come on back.

      I know! I’m a little nervous but I have great friends and readers. I don’t think anyone will ask me anything insane. At least I hope not!

      Now, I’m a little more nervous…

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  7. Here’s a couple — one silly, one not so much. 1) If you were stranded on a desert island and you could have ONE food to eat for the years until you were rescued — what would it be? 2) What one decision did you make in your life that you would change if you could (if any) and why?

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  8. You know what I think you should do? Offer a dare for a truth. I mean, if you answer a personal question, do it in return for a picture of the questioner doing something you dared them to do. That could be fun!

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    1. Yes. It could. I would just worry I wouldn’t be able to come up with enough dares. I’m awful at that. How about this one? Send me a pic kissing a random stranger? And then next thing you know..BOOM!…jail.

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  9. My DA, I look very much forward to reading your answers, and I’ll have to think about a question for you. But I think there’s nothing too probing I want to know, so it’ll be silly, frothy stuff from me 🙂

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    1. I like silly, frothy stuff! It’s fun and it’s still insight into the person, right? I don’t think anyone has dug too deep, out of respect. Which I appreciate. I have found all of the questions so far to be fun and thought provoking. You are always saying just when you have me figured out I throw something new at you. Maybe that will be the case here 🙂

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      1. We typed over each other there. I’ll leave you the questions with the addendum that you can choose not to answer all or any of them.

        Okay, ONE frothy one – what animal would you be for a day, and why?

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    2. I’ve thunk. My brain wasn’t making much froth though.

      What thing didn’t you do that you wish you had done?
      When was a time you remember feeling a sense of overwhelming wonder as a child?
      What was your last kairos moment?

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      1. Well, well. Those are going to be though provoking, no doubt. I don’t think I’ll pass on any of them. I actually think I might enjoy the process of digging for the answers. Thank you, EG! (I like the frothy one too :))

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        1. Ahhh GOOD. Like I say, no biggie if not, but I’d be interested to know. Actually, I like all of the questions which have been asked so far. And am most fascinated to see how you’re going to answer Mandi’s first one 😉

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  10. Ooooh. Getting to know you. Getting to know all about you. Sandy, if given the opportunity to take one blogger on a week long trip, who would you choose? I am kidding. I would never do that to all of your readers. They don’t have to know I’m your favorite.

    What did your last text message say? Don’t even try to pretend you aren’t sexting that sexy husband right now.

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  11. Sandy, I just love this idea–might steal it, giving you full credit, of course 😉

    Anyway, I’d love to know which quality you wish you had and which you wish you didn’t. And one more: what do you think of in those quiet moments just before sleep finds you?

    Touch the sky,

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    1. Thank you, Dani! I have to say that I am really impressed at the calibre and respectful nature of everyone’s questions. You can certainly tell that the folks that read here write. It’s gorgeous thought material! Look for the answers some time this week.

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  12. hehe. Hmmm 1. If you could have an intimate dinner party with 5 people living or dead… who would they be and why? 2. If you went on Survivor and won the million dollars..what would you do with it, would you ever go on Survivor? 3. If you could rid the world of one thing… what would it be? 4. If you could bestow one gift on all of humanity what would it be? 🙂


    1. Well, hello fellow introvert! It’s very nice to meet you. I am finding that many people I’ve met on this journey are introverts which always surprises me for some reason. Thank you for the question and I hope you’ll come back some time this week to find the answer. I have my work cut out for me!

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  13. YOU ARE BRAVE. With that said, I’m gonna ask. But before I do, if there’s ANYTHING you want to know, I will answer. Maybe not publicly, but I will.

    My questions:
    1. When did you get sober
    2. What was the “last straw” to get you there?
    3. How did you do it?
    4. Was your family supportive?

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    1. I had a moment after I posted this when I thought ‘What the hell are you doing???’ but it’s all good. I’ve known many of y’all for the better part of two years and if we were friends in real (to quote Lizzi) we may have had conversations answering a few of these anyway. So why not! These are great questions, Kristi. I plan to write my responses this week so stay tuned….


    1. Don’t be ashamed! You’re here now :). It’s not easy to keep up with everyone, everywhere. Believe me, I’ve tried! And I have to say…you come in a heavy hitter! That is one hell of a question and I’m sure I have lots of answers but I suppose soon there will be one less. Hmmm…


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