learning to fly

Learning to Fly

As you read this I am likely on a plane, medicated and trying desperately to focus on the destination.

I’m not a good flyer. I never used to be afraid to board an airplane. I loved everything about traveling. Well, not the packing. That just sucks. I can never get all the shoes I want to take to fit in the suitcase. And as I type that I realize that not one of you cares about that first world problem.

I remember in days gone by loving the whole experience; arriving to the airport, schlepping bags in, managing through security, and finally…finding enough time to grab bags of peanut M&Ms and a few useless, trashy tabloids to wade through on the plane. Never in the terminal. No. That was reserved for Starbucks and people watching.

Today, I am terrified and I have been for days. I have been a raging banshee despite my resolution (and failed attempts) not to be. My family probably hates me a little right now.

But they’ll get over it.

Won’t they?

The last time I flew, which was this same time last year, I had a god-awful panic attack mid-air that had tears streaming down my face and an absolute conviction that I couldn’t swallow or breathe. I was wild-eyed and convinced at any moment that I would fly out of my seat and scream for someone to let me out, let me out, LET ME OUT!

At 30,000 feet.

I never left my seat and I am really hoping that won’t happen today and have taken steps to insure my sanity stays intact.

In all honesty, I had this exact same reaction on the monorail at Disney when it stopped on the raised tracks for ten minutes so my uneducated guess is it is not only flying……it’s being stuck in a tin can full of people. 

Wish me us all luck.

So, having said all of that, I have put up a couple of recycled posts for the coming week. Some of you wonderful folks who followed me here from my first blog have already read them. I do notice that  I have a few new people who have joined the ranks (for which I am incredible grateful) and these may give you a deeper look into my psyche.

Have a wonderful week, friends.



Photo credit: Liane Metzler/unsplash.com


23 thoughts on “Learning to Fly”

    1. I got it! I got it! Yay me! We’ve been stuck around the resort the past few days with meeting schedules but are freeing up this afternoon and plan to take #WhereIsHelena on a tour of the island. Aloha!

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    1. See, there’s the catch. I felt like I had sandpaper in my eyeballs but I find it impossible to sleep on an airplane. We also had four kids with us so….yeah. BUT! As far as the relaxing when I get here, no problems ;).

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  1. My DA, I know this is such a big deal for you but well done for choosing to do it anyway. You’re brave, and I’m so proud of you. I hope that by the time you read this, it’s all behind you, and it was all okay 🙂


      1. I’m so, so glad it was worth it. I breathe easier for that, though I dread to think how it almost wasn’t! Tell me whenever it fits, but I shall look forward to hearing.

        I’m here, always, if I can be (damn TimeZones) and YAY for the sunset vid 😀


  2. Hang in there. I am a little afraid these days too, and like you I didn’t use to be. I did really well coming and going from Mexico. But once boarding a flight to Alabama I had a total panic attack. Looking back perhaps that had more to do with the destination then the flight. lol It is one of the safer modes of transportation overall. 🙂


    1. You know, the crazy thing is that rationally I know I’ll be fine. It’s that little crazy part of me that runs amok during these times. It has the strength of Hercules, I tell ya! As for safest mode of transport, I have given myself that speech many, MANY times before leaving. Like I said….rational vs. Hercules.

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  3. I have a fear of flying, so if I do, I make sure it’s someplace that’s worth it. Like, where you are now. 😀


  4. I do understand. I’ve been on top of the Empire State Bldg. a few times and loved it. Then one day while entertaining my nephew from Idaho, we went up and for no explained reason, my heart started pounding, my legs turned to jelly and I felt the building sway. Actually felt it. I had to back up to the doors to feel something solid and then I began sweating so I got in the elevator and went down. Worst feeling EVER. I feel for you but am super proud you still fly places. Now enjoy yourself!


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